Influenster Ralph Lauren VoxBox Review! 

So, I’ve tried out the Ralph Lauren Tender Romance Cologne, which I received Complimentary for Testing Purposes from Influenster, and I must say Ohh-Lala, What a Soft, Subtle, Alluring, and Enticing Smell it has. Now, I normally wear only men’s Cologne, because I prefer the smell of a men’s Cologne over women’s any day, but after Sampling out the Cutest little bottle of the Ralph Lauren Tender Romance Cologne, I’ve had a serious change of heart. I actually really love the smell of this Fragrance. This specific Cologne, was not too flowery, pungent, or too strong, it was the perfect blend of the most Appealing smells, and I Absolutely Love it & most definitely would recommend Anyone, whom hasn’t tried this Cologne out, to definitely give it a shot. I think Any Woman, whom loves great smells, would surely love this one. Thank you so much Influenster, for giving me this Outstanding Opportunity to try out this Wonderful Womens Cologne, as to where I would’ve never tried it out on my own, due to the fact that I always purchase men’s Cologne. You’ve opened up my nose to a new and delightful smell, that I’m more than happy to ad to my Cologne Collection! 🌹🍃🌹🍃 #TenderRomance #contest #RalphLauren #Influenster #InfluensterVoxBox #RalphLaurenFragrances


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